We use no pesticides. We offer after hour emergency services. We are radio dispatched for quick response times.
We carry all the proper licenses and insurance.
We use vacuum and an in-line cage to safely contain the bees. Monthly or yearly maintenance contracts are available. We remove bee hives from anywhere including roofs, walls, attics, block walls, and trees. We can even bee proof most structures.
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Are they Killer Bees?
Bee Hive RemovalBee hive removal is a unique procedure and should ONLY be executed by the trained experts at  Killer Bee Removal Inc. Because of the bad rap killer bees have been given by the media, the general public maintains a sense of hysteria upon finding infestations in the home or office. Being unaware of the proper removal services provided by  Killer Bee Removal Inc., they immediately call a local pest control operator. Because of this innocent mistake, most people end up inviting other pests such as: rats, roaches and ants that feast on the dead bee hive, thereby spending a lot of money repairing a mess that should have been an efficient and quick removal.
Killer Bee and Pest Control specializes in Honey Bees: Killer Bee and Pest Controls’ trained experts remove bees alive by using our unique and environmentally save, pesticide free process.
Removal: Killer Bee and Pest Control will remove all bees, honey comb, brood comb and debris from the affected site.
Cleaning / Treatment: Killer Bee and Pest Control will wash and deodorize the affected site to neutralize bee pheromone so as to discourage any reinfestation.
Repair and Bee Proofing: Killer Bee and Pest Control will fill the site with formaldehyde free insulation then professionally repair the site. You won’t even know we were there!  Killer Bee and Pest Control will then bee-proof the entire area so you won’t have to worry about reinfestation. Killer Bee and Pest Control is fully licensed and insured.
Contact us toll free at 866-545-7233.